How to Decorate Your Dorm Room to Make it Feel Like Home

You may have to move to another city, having become a student, and if a rented apartment is not affordable, the college will provide you with a dorm room. It may not seem a very attractive option, but don't get upset too early. Of course, this is temporary accommodation, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot make it cozy to feel much more comfortable. Household difficulties can be easily solved if you find a common language with roommates and act together. And if you turn on your imagination and decorate your new apartment, you can create a very cozy and comfortable space.

Expand the space

The main problem of dorm rooms is their small size, but you can solve it with the help of color schemes and suitable furniture. Light walls will help visually expand the space: if you make repairs, you can pick up wallpaper or paint of the desired shades. You can decorate a dorm room with bright "spots," for example, paintings, posters, photos. Agree with the neighbors which option you like best and arrange the composition together: place a series of common photos in cool frames or choose a picture that everyone likes. Being a student, you can ask your roommates almost for everything, whether it is something about suitable wall color or “I need help on my math homework.” And girls will surely be delighted that mirrors can also be used to make the dorm room cozy and spacious.

Choose useful furniture

If you have enough opportunities, it is worth buying comfortable compact furniture. For example, several bedside tables can be replaced by one roomy and beautiful chest of drawers. And to spend less money on it, you should better go to flea markets instead of chain stores. There you can find beautiful vintage items at low prices. As a result, you can save money to turn to a college homework helper when necessary and find something original: an exclusive table or an unusual chandelier. By the way, the furniture can be resold to future freshmen who will move into your room after your graduation. These announcements are posted on college social media groups where students exchange information and advice.

Create comfort

A dorm room should be comfortable since you will have to live for several years here, doing homework, preparing for exams, and arranging gatherings with friends. Therefore, it is worth taking care of comfort. For example, a floor covered with a beautiful carpet is a guarantee that you will be less sick. Of course, in dim light, dust on the shelves or a stain on the bedspread is less visible. But it is hard to maintain good eyesight in such a twilight. Therefore, you should choose powerful light bulbs and a light chandelier that will not "steal" lighting. Even if you use such services as, you will still have to do a lot of assignments.

Add cozy elements

Each student wants not only to make the space comfortable but also to create coziness in the dorm room. The key to success in this business is attention to detail: cleanliness, order, and beautiful things. If you are wondering how to decorate your dorm room with your own hands, start with the little things. For example, get plants, hang a shelf where you can place your favorite books, choose beautiful curtains on the windows,
pick up original accessories (photo frame, sofa cushions). Choose something original that will reflect your bright personality.